Henry Poole, 1822-1897

It’s been a week or so since I had the opportunity to blog post. I’ve been a bit busy, as always. The last couple of weeks I’ve been on a mission to find the parents of my Charlie Barnham Poole from Raleigh, Wake Co., NC.

I’ve been looking for Charlie’s Mama and Daddy for close to twenty-five years without success. That is until the last week. I can 99.99% for sure say that Charlie Barnham Poole’s father was in fact, Charles Henry Poole born in 1822 and died in 1897 in Raleigh, Wake Co., North Carolina.

The 1860 census, as well as a marriage certificate for Henry Poole and Mary Ann (Powell) Poole dated 8 April 1844 seem to support my theory. Additionally, there is a son with the same name Charlie B. Poole living in the home of Henry and Polly as she was known; of the same age and birth year as my own Charlie Barnham Poole.

The marriage certificate for Charlie Barnham and Azorah Virginia (Adams) Poole also give the names of Henry and Polly Poole as parents to Charlie B. Poole. So, I feel quite comfortable at the moment in my assertions that Henry Poole is in fact, my C.H. Poole that I have been trying to locate for over twenty- five years.

I will be writing more about Henry Poole as time goes by. I was able to locate a probate record for him this past weekend. It’s quite lengthy at 46 pages and the probate process on this estate went on for over six and half years, as there was some family disputes going on at the time. What all the drama and issues surrounding this estate was, at the moment, I have not had time to piece together. I’m saving that for another day when I am not quite so busy and have had ample time to review the probate record thoroughly.

Until next time!

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